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Stainless / Mild Steel Exhaust Flange Sets and Kits

Here at Exhaust Parts UK we aim to offer customers all components to easily build your own system.

Exhaust flanges are an excellent method of securely joining to pipes or sections together. This has many benefits which include ease of assembly/disassembly. It also provides a good strong connection between the different parts of an exhaust section, such as the Manifold, turbo joints, down pipes, front sections, exhaust flexi sections, middle exhaust silencers and exhaust rear back boxes. To pick the right flange, consider the flange size and material and find one that fits the vehicle's exhaust system.

Exhaust Parts UK offer a range of different types of joints such as:
Stainless Steel 304 Flanges in 2 bolt and 3 bolt flanges
Mild Steel Flanges in 2 bolt and 3 bolt flanges
Stainless Steel V Band Kit / Turbo Kit
Flared and Ball Joint