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Titanium Heat Wrap

Titanium 5M Exhaust Heat Wrap High Temp Manifold - Perfromance E

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Exhaust heat management is a vital subject, especially for track use. The aim of the game is to keep as much heat out of the engine bay and straight into the exhaust as much as possible. The cooler the engine bay, the more efficient the engine will perform. Wrapping the exhaust system entirely will also allow a better gas flow rate, therefore producing more bhp.


Length: 5 Meter

Material :Titanium Fibers
Thickness : approx 2mm
Width :2" - (50mm)
Temperature Range : 1200C - 1400C

More strength and durability than other heat wraps
Suitable for temperatures of upto 1400C
More Heat Is Retained In The Exhaust Manifold
Lowers engine bay Temperature
Horsepower increase

The price shown is for 1 meter length, if you require a longer length just click on the adjust qty for the number of metres require

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