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Graphite Heat Wrap

15M Black Graphite Exhaust Insulating Heat Wrap Tape Exhaust

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Exhaust heat management is a vital subject, especially for track use. The aim of the game is to keep as much heat out of the engine bay and straight into the exhaust as much as possible. The cooler the engine bay, the more efficient the engine will perform. Wrapping the exhaust system entirely will also allow a better gas flow rate, therefore producing more bhp.

Graphite Exhaust Wrap

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Suitable for temperatures up to 600oC

Strong and pliable

Abrasion resistant

Black colour

Minimal fly and irritation

Graphite Exhuast Heat wrap is manufactured from fine uniform textured filaments of high bulk E type glass fibre yarns. The yarns used are inorganic, sterile, incombustible; resistant to oils, solvents and most chemicals and have a low level of leachable chlorides and fluorides. They are suitable for exhausts where temps do not exceed 550˚C. Thermal Velocity heat cleaned wrap has low thermal conductivity typically 0.05W/mk.


Length: 15 Meter

Thickness : approx 2mm

Width :2" - (50mm)

Temperature Range : 600C

  • Model: 15M Graphite Heat wrap