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We have noticed a surge in requests for exhaust flexiís for specific vehicles. However, we do not currently stock the entire range spanning across the vehicle manufactures, therefore we offer an alternative for our customers.

Simply measure the exhaust outer diameter as illustrated in the images below, (showing the exhaust outer diameter as 44mm, thus the flexiís would need to be 45mm in order to slide over the exhaust tube), and then select the size your require from our website ranging from 45mm to 76mm (inner diameter).

The exhaust flexiís are universal and providing you select the correct size we ensure an accurate fit.

Using a Micrometer

Measuring Circles (Round the Exhaust Tube)

The distance all around a circle is called the Circumference and is referred to in formulas as C. The distance from one side of the circle to the other is referred to as the Diameter of a circle and is identified as a d in formulas.

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